Reward Points Rules

Reward Points Rules

We have devised a point system to award our customers based on reservation with us and activity on this site and on facebook.  Points can be redeemed for discounts in your next reservation with us.

In order to participate you have to register (with your email) or just using facebook by clicking here and then you can start gaining points based on the following rules

  • Upon registration - 50 points
  • The total amount paid (x) on your previous booking with haus fay will get you x/2 points (half points based on your reservation)
  • You can post an article (3 paragraphs at least) related to chios (it has to be approved by our stuff) - 100 points
  • Upload a photo related to Chios - 5 points  (if logged in with facebook - your post is shared on your facebook stream with 5 extra points)
  • Post on our guestbook - 5 points (if logged in with facebook - your post is shared on your facebook stream with +5 extra point)
  • Subscribe below on our newsletter - 10 points
  • Refer a friend to the website - 1 point  (user has to login and register in order for the points to get awarded, registration can be done 60 days after initial visit to site, you will find your referral link in your referrals page)

We are always in the lookout for more ways to give points to you, so please send us a message if you have a good idea that would should implement.

Any amount above 500 points you can  be redeemed for equivalent euro when dividing points by 10.  You can redeem points only towards your next reservation with us. The points are not transferable to any other person and can only be used for the reservation of a single apartment/studio.  

Please send us any points related requests using the contact us form 

Anti-cheat measures

  • All content upload or shared is always doublechecked by a human, anyone found trying to cheat the system will disqualify immediately and lose all their points
  • Referred users will be checked for activity and get deleted if they have less than 5 points and therefore 
  • Deleting a post previously posted on your facebook stream will take away any points gained by it