Mavra Volia Beach

Mavra Volia Beach
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The wonderful idyllic atmosphere
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Mavra Volia is one of the nicest and most cosmopolitan beaches of Chios. Located in the southern part of the island, about 5 km. from the village Pyrgi and near the port of Emporios.
Although it isn't organized, every year many tourists visit it just to admire the unique landscape that offers this beautiful beach.
The whole beach is disguised by black volcanic pebbles, which resulted from the eruption of the volcano Psaronas during the prehistoric era. Also, you will be impressed by the crystal and deep dark blue waters, as the seabed is covered with black pebbles. The water, despite the other beaches, is more cold and deepens fairly quickly. The hot summer sun combined with the black volcanic pebbles transform the beach in a natural steam bath.